Today's guest book review is by Jennifer Hombach, Media Committe Director for the Philadelphia Chapter of

"Just in case you’ve been living under a proverbial rock as Colorado is doused in a once-in-a-1,000 year downpour and wildfires engulf 250,000 acres in California—Climate change is Here. The arrival of Bill McKibben’s new book “Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist” could not have come at a better time. Because whether you are reading this review on the day of publication or x days/weeks/months later: the time to act is now.

As the latest excerpt from his 25-year-long repertoire of climate journalism, McKibben’s focus on global climate change is not new. Scientists, of the natural and the political leaning, have been debating the details of this worldwide eco-drama for decades. Is it caused by humans? Are fossil fuels to blame? Are we all screwed?
The fear-mongering media, fueled by profits that are deeply invested in an exploitative economy, has blurred the lines between fact and fiction. Politicians are bought, legislation benefits corporations, and money is more important than social and ecological value. But despite these daunting factors, hope is not lost. As conscious and capable beings, we must actualize our potential, and seek a better way. When confronted with Truth, we can only act in discordance with that Truth for so long until it begins to curdle us inside.

“Oil and Honey” is more than just a story that intertwines the sociology of bee colonies to the structure of society. It’s more than a full-disclosure tell-all about the ups and downs and ins and outs of organizing a cooperative, inclusive, and committed climate movement. Perhaps most inspiring, it is the story of a human asserting leadership in the face of doubt and diving head-first into a cause that he wasn’t so sure he was cut out for.

 In sum, this novel is long-form prescription of how one man embraces Truth, dispels Fear, and stirs himself to Act. But ultimately, another main takeaway from the book is that a leader is only as strong as the multitudes of his supporters. McKibben seeks out like-minded organizations and surrounds himself with enthusiastic individuals who spread a rippling pulse of activism around the globe."

Read more and purchase the book at If you’d like to be a part of 350Philly, come to their first Organizing Meeting on 2pm Sunday, October 13th at 1315 Walnut Street, Suite 1650. They'll review the mission, introduce the newly-formed Philadelphia Steering Committee, and organize into 5 different groups focused on Event Planning, Divestment Strategies, Coalition Building, Grassroots Organizing, and Media Outreach.

Questions? Email Jen at


Lots of Power, an initiative of Clean Currents, challenges teams of high-school-age teens and design
professionals, designers and architects to create sustainable and innovative plans to give vacant lots in Kensington a new future. Through an exciting partnership with Kensington Renewal, two teams will be awarded grants to implement their projects—giving them the power to be the change in their community. Visit and vote for your favorite design today! 

FOR MORE INFO: Email Andrea Pellegrino at or go to Lots of Power at


On October 12th, an unprecedented event is taking place globally. March Aganst Monsanto
is calling for the permanent boycott of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and other harmful agro-chemicals from entering our food system. They will be holding a rally at Independence Mall East; simultaneously, events are slated to occur at 11 a.m. Pacific in 47 U.S. states. On a global scale, marches and events are being planned in over 250 cities in 36 countries on six continents. Add your voice to the protest and stand up and be heard. For more information, call (267) 586-9545, view the Philadelphia chapter at or head over to

WHEN: October 12, 2013
WHERE: Independence Mall East, Philadelphia PA 19106


Robyn Openshaw, (aka The Green Smoothie Girl) is headed to Bryn Mawr College for a free
  green smoothie class, demo, sampling, and book signing. Throughout her lecture, Robyn will be giving away over $1,000 in free prizes including a BlendTec blender, the 12 Steps to Whole Foods Standard. Learn how you can radically change your nutrition in just 10 minutes a day, and leave inspired and empowered to transition to a whole-foods diet.

WHEN: Friday, Oct 25th, 7:00pm
WHERE: Bryn Mawr College, Park Science Building, Lecture Room 25, 906 New Gulph Rd. Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


Winter’s Coming, so let the Academy of Natural Sciences, Delaware Valley Green Building Council, and
the Urban Sustainability Forum show you how to stay warm and green! Learn simple solutions for making your living space healthier and more efficient; find out how innovative modular construction techniques are helping urban builders make new homes more affordable to build and maintain; and how affordable green housing projects are helping low-income Philadelphians.
Panelists include:
• Jerry Bennett, Director of Programs, Energy Coordinating Agency
• Scott Kelly, Principal, Re: Vision Architecture
• Jon Jensen, Technical Consultant, MaGrann Associates

WHEN: Thursday Oct 17 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

WHERE: The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University,
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103